School is DONE!! I can finally READ again!!!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus..I have my masters degree and I can actually do some reading that doesn’t apply to infectious diseases. So I am now 5 months post graduation and I have been reading like a little crazy Tasmanian devil. I have so many new books to bring you and talk about!! I am so excited. Yesterday, I made a list of the recent ones i could list very quickly and realized….that is like 20 books in 5 months…I have been a busy little bee. I hope you stick around for some really good book recommendations! Looking forward to 2019…the year of the book.

It is a biography ya’ll!


So I know, it is amazing that I am reading a biography! Really, it’s not. I am quite a noisy person. Not because I want dirt on people, but more so because I find people very interesting. I find the paths our lives take that lead us to choices we make interesting, and believe me, everyone has a story to tell.  This happens to be Drew Barrymore’s story. If you are looking for drug stories or drunk stories, you will not get it here. What you will get though is a great look into the heart of this woman as she discusses points in her life that brought great change and sometimes pain. Choices that led her to the paths that she took throughout her life. She will talk about lasting friendships with fellow females that are always the strongest of bonds. She talks about how she learned something from every female in her life and how much she loves them. She talks about life in general, love and falling in and out of love, and she talks about being a mother.  It was a heart warming book and very well written. If you are as noisy as I am 😉 I recommend diving into this read.


Choosing a book based on its cover…

the girl in 6E

So I will be completely honest with you….I got this book simply based on its cover. There is a small blurb on the back that says, I can’t leave my apartment because when I do people die. So my first thought was…oh she is a vampire and she feels guilty so she locks herself up…..ya, not even close lol. But it was still a great read. I actually finished the book in 2 days…I could not put it down. It is a great thriller and keeps you guessing the whole way.  She makes you think she is this horrible killer, and then she goes and does this magnanimous thing and your grasping for straws as to why she is doing this…I mean…you are a killer! I loved it and I loved that this book threw in some daring content to help make things interesting. I mean if you locked yourself indoors for 3 years, what would you do for a living? When I got this book, I thought it was a stand alone but after I finished I discovered to is a three part series, so I am happy to continue reading it. I hope you pick it up and enjoy it as much as I did! Happy reading!


The Series is AWESOME!

red rishing series

Seriously….if you haven’t tried to pick up this series and start….I swear you are really missing out. This series is absolutely fantastic. Think Stars Wars meets Hunger Games, it is really the best sci-fi series I have read in a awhile. I loved the story and I can’t wait for the continuation of this story.  This series is full of action packed scenes, blood, betrayal, love, and the complexities of friendships….I really cannot say enough good things about it.  It doesn’t necessarily end on a sweet note but it ends on a hopeful note and I think that makes the story all that much more powerful. I gave you a little on the plot when I talked about the first book, in the finale 2 Darrow grows up and actually becomes a man, in all aspects.  He discovers that sometimes people you hold so close to you and respect and believe in the absolute goodness of their heart, show you how very wrong you were to ever…ever trust them.  I love that Darrow is fallible and sometimes makes horrible choices, choices that force the hands of others, but ultimately…he is goodness and goodness does overcome evil. I hope you pick it up and give it a go and that you enjoy the series as much as I did. Keep reading!



Oh my, do I love this one!


So…I just happened upon this book one day going through the NOOK books of interest and bought it. That was probably 2 years ago and I didn’t read it till this past week, but the story has me hooked.  It is a series and 3 books are already out so if you like this one, you can continue for a little bit.  This is truly an underdog story. Imagine life extended from planet earth, imagine people on MARS! People working to make MARS habitable but they have been lied to by those in charge for hundreds of years and life is well and alive and plentiful on MARS and many other planets as well. How would you feel to find that you were basically a slave….a slave never told the truth only what truth they wanted to show you. If you were given a chance to change all that, not only for yourself but for others like you would you do it? Darrow did and he did it with a single mindedness unparalleled to any others.  The world is ruled under a color system, as should be easy to tell by the title Red is at the bottom, they are the slaves, the base of the pyramid if you will. Then Pinks, browns, obsidians, greens, yellows, orange, violet, copper, white, silver and finally at the top…the rulers of the universe, the golds. All colors do a specific job in society, they make the machine run smoothly.  When the Sons of Ares decide they are through being slaves, they send in Darrow…changed but still Darrow at heart. How far will the Sons and Darrow go to destroy the machine and does everyone deserve destroying? I really enjoyed reading this book and was through it, even with my schedule every fast and now I am on to the 2nd and it isn’t disappointing either. Truly loved it. If you liked Hunger Games I think you will enjoy this series as well. Happy reading!

Another Day, Another Book


Here is another Stephen King for you, one that I very much enjoyed reading and think you might as well.  So what would happen to the world or even life itself if you had the ability to go back and change something in history? What if you could change something so great like the JFK assassination? Don’t you think the world would be in a better place if those horrendous acts had not occurred? We have all heard of the butterfly effect but most people think in terms of large changes, big changes that change the course of something. What I loved about this book was it wasn’t just the large things that change things, it was the small things as well. A different road taken here, a different sandwich eaten there, everything is connected and when those connections change, new realities appear.  Too many realities can lead to disaster no matter how good you intentions are. Jake Epping finds that out as he tries to save the president and the woman that he loves, only realizing too late that someone has to take the place of another. That life always rights itself no matter how much you fight against it.  I loved a line in the book where Jake says, “everything happens for a reason in this life, sometimes we don’t like that reason and sometimes we never find out what that reason is.”  That is the truth of life. The best thing I loved about this book and really only Stephen King fans will love this, is the connection between this story and IT and the Dark Tower Series. I hope you enjoy reading it if you decide to give it a try.

I made it back! Well…at least for now I have a spare moment

You know, you never really know if the time and effort you put into recommending books to people actually pays off, until someone mentions it and then you smile and say well…for that one person it works and maybe that is enough. At least for me that is the case, I ran into an old friend/co-worker one day and we were catching up and she said I miss your book recommendations, they were always so good and actually helped me pick out new reads. That statement really made my day. I made my excuses about being in graduate school and not having enough time to read the books I really wanted to read but the truth is….there is only so much time in the day and while I love talking about books, I really, really, really, enjoy reading them that much more. But it also motivated me to try harder to talk about more books, so I will start with the most recent last one I read called American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  Now I am a late one to this show and I will tell you why, anytime people rave about a book or an author….and I mean rave like say things crazy like they are the new Stephen King to a devout Stephen King fan…well…you get added to pop culture stack. Not that I am not guilty of that Hello Twilight and Mr. Grey, but I does make me less inclined to read the book. So here comes Showtime in its infinite wisdom and creates a show called American Gods based on the book. After the first episode I said, I have to read the book now. It has my attention and boy does it seem like its going to be a good read.  Let me tell you friends, it was a very good read. It has everything I look for in a book, the supernatural, the old and new gods, death, life, fables, love, and corruption….yes even amongst the gods themselves.  The story centers around a man named Shadow who is in prison when we first meat him but gets out soon after when his wife dies tragically.  Strange things begin to occur in Shadows life and instead of running he decides what the hell might as well enjoy the ride.  My favorite line that Shadow says in the whole book is, “what if all these stories are true and everything I am seeing isn’t in my head but true and actually happening.” Intermixed with Shadows story is the fable stories of the old gods and their origins.  It was a little over 500 pages but a great read and I would recommend it to anyone.  I enjoyed the writing so much I am now adding Neil Gaiman to my constant reading list. I hope you enjoy it too!

The Strain

This is a three part book series, that just recently became a show on FX. The premise of this story is vampires that are made/created by a parasitic worm. This worm and others like it function as a hive and can communicate telepathically to each other. Once they have invaded a human the human because a vampire and part of the hive, with the sole purpose of spreading…what more could you want I ask you? For myself this has everything I could want, Diseases, apocalypse, vampires, and love. The whole series is wonderful and written by a very talented writer and movie director Del Toro. He is responsible for Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade 2, and Hell Boy. The story follows a young CDC Epidemiologist, a old vampire hunter, and Goodfellow’s love interest who also happens to be a CDC epidemiologist, and Goodfellow’s Son Zach. I can’t say enough good things about this story, except go check it out and I hope you enjoy at as much as I did. Also, the FX series isn’t bad either. Happy Reading.